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Full editing of your manuscript is included in our ghostwriting packages, but we also offer it as a standalone service for materials you submit to us.

After assessing your project, we’ll perform the following types of editing, as required:

Substantive editing: We review the manuscript as a whole and make suggestions to address content, theming, cohesion, consistency, pacing, character development, and storytelling.

Style editing: We suggest text revisions to streamline awkward passages, avoid redundancy, and convey the intended message with artistry—all while ensuring the language and tone match the author’s voice.

Copyediting: We ensure the manuscript contains correct and consistent mechanical elements, including grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.


We are knowledgeable about every aspect of Publishing and Promotion.

Through evaluating your specific project and situation, we can help you decide whether to seek representation or to self-publish, and from there, devise an action plan associated with your choice.

For services we don’t offer directly, we’ll point you in the right direction, including recommendations for distribution and promotion.

Agent Pitching

We can produce and/or edit the materials required to pitch literary agents. We can also assist with the outreach process.

Our services include:

  • Query Letter creation

  • Book Proposal creation

  • Synopsis creation

  • Agent outreach

Book Production

If you are self-publishing, we can manage all aspects of creating the final product:

Front and Back Matter: This includes a myriad of material, such as a copyright page, your author bio, promotional content, and the all-important back cover text.

Book Design

Book Cover or Jacket: We design your front cover in-house, or work in conjunction with a cover artist to create the appropriate graphics. We then layout the full cover or jacket, including the spine and back cover.


Interior Design and Layout: This includes selecting appropriate typefaces, formatting page headers, designing chapter titles, and more. Once the overall look is approved by you, we layout the entire manuscript accordingly. Images and photo captions can
be included as applicable.

​Legal Compliance: We assist with all legal registrations required for book publishing, including:

  • ISBN Acquisition

  • Barcode Generation

  • Registration with the Library of Congress

Book Printing and Proofing: The book printing process entails securing a printing contract, proofing the printer-supplied files, and arranging book shipment. We’ll guide you every step of the way and coordinate with the printer until the process is complete.

eBook Conversion and Distribution: We oversee the book’s conversion into eBook format and the eBook’s distribution through all available channels (Amazon, iBookstore, etc.).

Marketing & Publicity

Our marketing and publicity services include but are not limited to:

Promotional Material: We conceptualize and create promotional material including website content, book trailers, videos, newsletters, and articles.

Book Award Submission

Entertainment Industry Pitch: We develop and create the materials required to pitch your story as a movie or television series, or to present you to TV producers as a subject-matter expert.

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