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A bestselling author with a degree in English Literature, Bill is passionate about a variety of diverse pursuits. His in-depth knowledge extends from history, to music, to sports, to motorcycles, to politics, and more.

As a ghostwriter, he expertly brings stories to life while honoring the individual style of each client’s voice. His ability to translate a story into powerful and pleasing words has garnered awards and recognition for our client base.

A former Press and Publicity Officer of a major organization, Bill has been interviewed in numerous TV shows and media productions for his knowledge of book-authoring, music history, and the motorcycle culture.

With an innate ability to add historical context and artistic flair to any subject or story, all of his ghostwritten biographies have received awards and/or high sales rankings—including a #1 Southern California bestseller.

Bill Hayes, bestselling author and award-winning ghostwriter

Bill received the prestigious Silver Spoke Award for his body of literary work in the motorcycling community, with his publications through Motorbooks International (MBI)—all ranked in the top 40 on Amazon in the Motorcycling History category. His works have also been anthologized extensively.

Bill lives in Southern California with his publishing partner and wife, Jennifer Thomas-Hayes. Both multi-degreed black belts, the couple enjoy teaching karate and a renowned women’s self-defense course. Bill also performs in bands as a bass player.



An awarding-winning author, editor, designer, and publisher, Jennifer holds a B.A. from Columbia University and a Specialized Certificate in Copyediting from the University of California, San Diego.

As the owner of Beyond Words Editing for almost two decades, Thomas has edited, designed, and guided clients in publishing dozens of books of every genre—from nonfiction to fiction to children’s books. As the owner of Final Word Press, Thomas produced and published her and Hayes’ Hullabaloo!, Triumphs and Tragedies, Butterfly Tears, and American Biker.

Jennifer Thomas, award-winning book editor

As a former senior software developer for over a decade, Thomas has the valuable technical expertise needed to create eBooks and marketing materials.

In addition, her long and broad experience in the book industry gives her access to a vast network of publishing and promotional professionals, which she leverages to help clients achieve their publishing goals.

Her combined talents and industry connections enable her to spearhead all levels of editing and marketing efforts.

As a sixth degree black belt in kenpo karate, Jennifer is passionate about empowering women through teaching martial arts and women’s self-defense.

Jennifer and Bill have been together for over ten years as a couple and as professional partners.


Alessia is the team’s content and media specialist. With over fifteen years experience in branded entertainment and promotional campaigns, her expertise in film, television, and social and digital media translate into the ability to fine-tune storytelling and maximize publicity efforts.

As a marketing and PR strategist, she has served high-profile clients in entertainment, news, and artistic fields by crafting book proposals, creating formal treatments for television or movie production, and arranging interviews, TV appearances, and book signings.

She produces content for print, digital, and social media, including:

  • Story and character development for our clients’ books and movie scripts.

  • Demo reels to present our clients to TV producers, in an effort to get them featured as authors and/or experts.

  • Promotional book trailers, videos, websites, newsletters, and other advertising material.


Alessia Vittone, content producer

Bilingual in English and Italian, Alessia conceptualizes and manages promotional campaigns in both the US and Italy.

She resides in Redondo Beach, CA, while traveling frequently to Italy for both work and pleasure.

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