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  1. What is ghostwriting?

    A ghostwriter is paid to write material for which someone else is credited as the official author. Celebrities and other people with notable stories or achievements often hire ghostwriters for their autobiographies or other written material.

  2. How does ghostwriting work?
    How involved am I in the process?The level of your involvement is essentially your choice, and we cater our process to meet your needs. Please review our Ghostwriting page to for a thorough overview of each step of the process. Ultimately, you are the decision-maker with regards to content, while we provide guidance and perform the necessary work.

  3. Can I be credited as the author if I use a ghostwriter?
    Is this ethical?Absolutely. You will be the official author of the work, and retain all rights to the final product. This is both legal and ethical, because even if you don’t pen the actual words, you are the creator of the original content.
    In some cases, however, it is beneficial to give a “coauthor” credit to our established ghostwriting team, to assist with the book’s visibility. For this reason, we offer agreement options with the choice of giving the ghostwriter cover credit, copyright page credit, or no credit at all.

  4. How long does the process take?
    This depends on many factors, including the type of work, how involved you want to be, and how much time you can dedicate to the project. After the initial consultation, our team can provide a preliminary timeline based on the information you provide. If you have a specific deadline in mind, feasibility can be discussed during the consultation.

  5. What if I don’t need all the services included in your process?
    We’ll come up with a package that accommodates only the services you need, which can be assessed during the initial consultation.

  6. What if I write the book myself and just need an editor?
    We do offer editing as a standalone service and can even guide you in the writing process. If your work is completed, we can review it for a flat fee and provide you with a full assessment and estimate.

  7. What if I just have a basic idea or concept for a book or story but it’s not fully developed?
    Helping with concept or story development is part of our ghostwriting and consulting process.

  8. Once the book is finished, can you help me publish it?
    Absolutely! Please check our publishing services for a complete list of all the services we can provide.

  9. What other types of projects do you help with, besides books?
    Our ghostwriting and editing services can be utilized for any type of written material, including book proposals, movie treatments, articles, speeches, and more.

  10. How can you ensure my book (or other type of project) is successful?
    While the success of any book depends on a myriad of factors—many of which are out of our control (like trends, market conditions, competition and, last but not least, luck), we can help giving your work visibility with our publicity and marketing services. We can’t guarantee that your book will be a bestseller, but you can count on our hard work to ensure it’s the best book it can be and meets with your satisfaction.

  11. Is research included in the ghostwriting process?
    Absolutely. We take great care to ensure accuracy and authenticity of every word we write, and performing our own research is a large part of this process.

  12. How do you ensure you’re able to capture my vision?
    We work tirelessly with you to make sure our work aligns with your expectations. As part of our process, we provide initial chapter samples and rework all the necessary elements until we match the feel you want. We encourage you to review the writing samples provided on our Ghostwriting page to verify our ability to adjust our tone and style to various types of content.

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