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Our process consists of the following steps:

  • Initial Consultation
    We discuss the project with you—on the phone or in person—to learn about your ideas and goals and thoroughly assess if and how we can best assist you.

  • Plan & Quote
    We provide you with a project plan and a quote for the execution of the work.

  • Interviews & Research
    We conduct recorded interviews as needed to capture your complete story or concept and perform the necessary supplemental research.

  • Book Outline
    We submit to you a proposed outline of the book, defining how the content will be structured. As with every step of the process, we will solicit your feedback and implement any necessary revisions.

  • Ghostwriting
    We proceed with writing your content, submitted at regular intervals for your review so you can monitor our progress and maintain full control of the project. Revisions or course corrections are made based upon your feedback.

  • Editing
    Each writing segment sent for your review will be professionally edited prior to delivery. In addition, the completed manuscript will undergo at least two more rounds of editing to ensure consistency, accuracy, and proper pacing.

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